Biotechnology Information Institute

Our IP is For Sale!  This includes the domain names,, the BIOPHARMA® U.S. Trademark, and >100 other 'BIOPHARMA(ceutical)' industry domains.

The Biotechnology Information Institute (BII) develops unique, high-end information resources and provides consulting serving critical needs of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical communities, particularly concerning biopharmaceuticals and their manufacturing (bioprocessing). As a sole proprietorship, Ronald A. Rader, President, is responsible for all of BII's products and services. More recent products and projects include: 
  1. BIOPHARMA®: Biopharmaceutical Products in the U.S. and European Markets
  2. Biosimilars/Biobetters Pipeline Directory (  The most extensive biosimilars (and biobetters, biogenerics, etc.) pipeline information resource
  3. U.S. BIOPHARMACOPEIA™ Registry of Biopharmaceuticals Products:  Nomenclature and an online registry of biopharmaceuticals, including biosimilars [proposed]
Earlier products:
  1. Antiviral Agents Bulletin:  For 15 years (1987-2003) the only periodical specializing in antiviral drug and vaccine development (32 pages/month; over 5,700 pages plus online database)
  2. Federal Bio-Technology Transfer Directory:  all federal, e.g., NIH, inventions and technology transfers in the biomedical/biotechnology areas (687-page book in 1994; online database to 2000)

BII is currently concentrating on divesting its IP. 

BIOPHARMA®: Biopharmaceutical Products in the U.S. and European Markets
  • The only substantive (over 2,000 pages equivalent) reference (database, formerly multi-volume book) concerning biopharmaceutical products
  • Emphasis on products' biotechnology and commerical aspects
  • In-depth descriptive and analytical monographs, with in-depth indexing and relational links
  • Free online public database (partial entries)
  • Recognized as the essential reference for all concerned with biopharmaceuticals - See the reviews.
  • Individual and corporate Web database subsccriptions available at reasonable rates

Consulting: The Biotechnology Information Institute offers consulting, specializing in information retrieval and analysis, competitive intelligence, technology assessment, market research and information resources development/publishing concerning biotechnology and pharmaceutical products, research, development, technologies, patents/technology transfer, marketing and public affairs. See Mr. Rader's bio and full resume

Contact information:

    Ronald A. Rader
    Biotechnology Information Institute
    Rockville, MD 20852
    Phone: 301-424-0255

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